Cryptocurrency Prices

World-class Corporate Services

Liongate Bahamas' corporate team is knowledgeable and experienced with the processes involved with efficiently incorporating, managing structures and remaining compliant.

Crypto Asset Services

Among the first to be licensed as a Digital Asset and Registered Exchanges Bill Licensee, Liongate Bahamas is an adroit, flexible and compliant option for your crypto asset ambitions.


Financial Services is in our DNA

Liongate Bahamas is a specialized crypto financial services company born from within a larger group of financial entities, inclusive of bank, trust, investment funds, and corporate affiliates, boasting many years of rich experience and successful performance.

Technology Infused culture

Select team members serve within the FinTech Working Group of the Bahamas Financial Services Board to stay abreadst with the pulse of prudent financial technology innovation, as well as are coding hobbysts that understand the origins and infrustructure of blockchain.

The Liongate Advantage

Liongate Bahamas has the unique composition of a deep bench of traditional financial services expertise, an agile and innovative team willing to grasp and address your distinctive crypto services needs, and a well-regulated environment from which it operates. Liongate also benefits from having synergistic affiliates which complement its offerings, inclusive of Equity Bank Bahamas, Equity Investment Funds Services, St. Leo Corporate & Financial Services, and Equity Fiduciare SA. Today's crypto investor or business requires a medley of corporate, banking, fiduciary and crypto financial services.


The Bahamas. The Clear Choice.

The Bahamas has shown leadership in its embracement of FinTech with the launch of the Sand Dollar, among the first Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in the world, evidencing its progressive forward facing demeanor as a jurisdiction.

The country has consistently delivered first-rate financial products, while remaining relevant and abreast to worldwide paradigm shifts, attuned with global regulatory requirements. As masterfully stated by the Bahamas Financial Services Board, "The Top 12 advantages of doing business in The Bahamas are as clear as the crystal waters surrounding the 700 islands of the archipelago"

  • Strategic Location
  • Wealth and Asset Management Options
  • Physical Resources
  • Human Capital
  • Low Tax-Neutral Environment (No Personal Income, Capital Gains, Corporate or Inheritance Taxes)
  • Investment Policy and Incentives
  • Political and Economic Stability
  • Regulations (inclusive of Crypto Regulations via the Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges Bill)
  • Public-Private Sector Partnership
  • Permanent Residency Options
  • Work Permits and Immigration
  • Lifestyle

Innovative and Agile

Liongate Bahamas stays abreast with the evolutions of FinTech

Liongate Bahamas keeps atuned with fintech news, regulations, and innovation. We are aware of non-fungible tokens (ERC721, ERC1155), stable coins, utility tokens, security tokens, ICOs, ITOs, IEOs, centralized and decentralized exchanges, tokenization, public and private blockchains, smart contracts, crypto mining, proof of work, proof of stake, proof of history, and the list goes on. This knowledge equips us with assessing your crypto needs.


A deep bench of traditional financial services experience

In order to navigate the regulations surrounding crypto assets, adhere to compliance protocols, and therefore to truly unlock credible use cases for crypto and enjoy it as an unencumbered investment, it is best to work with a forward-facing company that understands the rigor of the traditional financials services industry.

  • Affiliated bank, trust, accounting and corporate services companies.
  • A team with an appreciation for the multinational mindset, with affiliates spanning The Bahamas, Switzerland and the BVI.
  • Experienced bankers, lawyers, fintech professionals, accountants and software developers.