Crypto Trading

Complementing its suite of bespoke and comprehensive full service financial and corporate services, are the digital and crypto assets offered further to its Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges license: inclusive of Crypto Trade Execution (Buy/Sell/Options) via Trading Desk or Over the Counter (OTC). Crypto to crypto trades and crypto to fiat trades and vice-versa are possible. LBL leverages its institutional relationships with brokers, exchanges, and liquidity networks to facilitate efficient trading for clients.

Crypto Real Estate Transactions

Liongate can efficiently assist with the receiving of crypto asset payments for luxury real estate and the conversion of this crypto into fiat so that the seller, broker, agent and government gets their required fees. The seller or broker can elect to maintain a portion of the proceeds in crypto asset form in a crypto custody account.

Crypto Asset Custodial Services

Liongate can provide institutions, individuals, exchanges, mutual funds, and trusts with a LBL Crypto Custody Account for the purposes of compliantly accepting, storing and trading crypto assets. Pre-existing crypto assets may be accepted, as well as fiat balances. Crypto Custody accounts can include both hot and cold storage options, with select insurance options.

Crypto Asset Fiduciary Services

Liongate in concert with Equity Trust Bahamas Limited can faciliate the deposit of crypto assets into a trust for continuity of holdings, legacy and succession planning. Crypto Assets should be treated formally as a part of your estate.