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Terms of Use

Liongate Bahamas Limited (LBL) calculates its fees on Digital Asset Purchases based on the Fiat Amount Received net of any bank/custodian charges, before utilizing the balance for purchasing digital assets at the Executed Price. The Executed Price, determined by LBL's broker and liquidity network, is non-negotiable post-trade and subject to market volatility along with other determinants, leading to potential fluctuations. Please note that the Executed Price cannot be guaranteed in advance. LBL's fees on Digital Asset Sales are determined by the Total Converted Value in fiat derived from the Sale at the Executed Price. Following the deduction of LBL's fees, the Net Converted Value is sent to the Client's preferred account, minus any standard wire fees. For Crypto-to-Crypto conversions/trades, LBL's fees are based on the instructed or received digital assets amount prior to conversion at the Executed Price. The digital assets amount sent to the Client's wallet will be reduced by any applicable network fees.

Prices and times subject to adjustment given any changes in intermediary, exchange, affiliate, regulatory and compliance internal timelines & costs in which case the client will be notified.

Digital Assets Trade Order Requests are subject to approval.

You acknowledge and accept full responsibility for all transactions that occur within the cryptocurrency wallet addresses provided to Liongate Bahamas.

In the case of a company or entity, the company or entity confirms that the person(s) signing documents/forms on behalf of the company or entity is duly authorized to do so and duly authorized to contract on behalf of the company or entity.