Open for Crypto Business

Liongate Bahamas Limited is a company born from within the Equity Group of Companies intended to specialize in crypto financial services. This development demonstrates Equity’s agility and prowess in compliantly aligning with the evolution of the financial services sector.

Liongate is a financial and corporate services provider and is a licensed Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges Act, 2020 (DARE Act) company as a digital assets service provider. Liongate is authorized to engage in crypto asset activities in or from within The Bahamas. Accordingly, appropriately registered under the DARE Act, Liongate unveils a suite of crypto asset services. These services encompass:

  • Crypto Custody Accounts, inclusive of Hot and Cold Storage

  • Crypto Trading generally (buy, sell, liquidation, options, conversions)

  • Over The Counter Transactions (OTC)

  • Facilitation of Real Estate Crypto Asset Transactions

  • Facilitation of Trusts for Crypto Assets inclusive of compliant Stable Coins and their collateralized holdings

  • future consideration of the creation of a crypto asset investment fund

  • Facilitation of fiat custody accounts for liaising with a preferred crypto exchange (deposits, withdrawals)

  • Facilitation of subscriptions into investment fund vehicles being made in the form of crypto assets

  • Facilitation of the formation of investment funds around crypto strategies for clients with an up-to-date crypto compliant offering memorandum, term sheet etc.

  • Ironclad crypto compliance for our clients via our use of the Chainalysis software

Liongate has a reliable corporate desk and digital desk underpinned by a back-office operations team fully supported and complimented by compliance and legal expertise. Liongate is well positioned to place in the hands of its customers a crypto trade execution and liquidity network, complimented by institutional grade crypto custody and fiduciary services for legacy planning.

Our crypto capabilities benefit from the comprehensive affiliates within the Equity Group now spanning The Bahamas, Switzerland and BVI, inclusive of bank, trust, asset management, investment funds, and corporate affiliates, boasting many years of rich experience and successful performance.

A deep bench of traditional financial services experience is useful in navigat- ing crypto waters. Keeping pace with regulations surrounding crypto assets and adhering to compliance protocols are essential to unlocking credible use cases for crypto and enjoying the benefits of the industry unencumbered by missteps. A relationship with fiat services providers also proves useful.

The technology infused culture of Equity has led to a modern software ethos at Liongate. Select team members serve within the FinTech Working Group of The Bahamas Financial Services Board, as well as on The Bahamas Investments and Securities Business Association, to stay abreast with the pulse of prudent financial technology innovation and vibrant markets. Members of the team are also software developers and understand the origins and infrastructure of blockchain.

Evincing innovativeness and understanding, Liongate is already attuned with fintech news, regulations, and innovation. Liongate's team is knowledgeable of non-fungible tokens (ERC721, ERC1155), stable coins, utility tokens, security tokens, ICOs, ITOs, IEOs, centralized and decentralized exchanges, tokenization, public and private blockchains, smart contracts, crypto mining, proof of work, proof of stake, proof of history, and the list goes on. This knowledge equips Liongate with the foundation utilized to assess your crypto needs.

Located, in Nassau, Bahamas, Liongate is proud to tout The Bahamas as the clear choice for crypto business and enthusiasts. The Bahamas has shown leadership in its embracement of fintech with the launch of the Sand Dollar, among the first Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in the world, evidencing its progressive forward-facing demeanor as a jurisdiction. The country has consistently delivered first-rate financial products, while remaining relevant and abreast to worldwide paradigm shifts, attuned with global regulatory requirements. The DARE Act has been praised by members of the international and local communities as providing a solid framework for crypto activities.

As matters progress, Liongate looks forward to assisting you with your compliant crypto services needs.